Are we there yet?

It felt like forever, yet given how long we’ve been pulling the pieces of Pure Cute together, the last few months have skipped away in a flash.

Designing each piece, drafting and grading patterns, sampling and testing, shopping for textile suppliers (the least arduous task – unless my distractible daughter Olivia is along for the ride) styling and photographing, editing and uploading everything – this precious little passion of mine has delicately yet insidiously woven itself into every vein of our lives.

Working on this has been something I’ve fought dearly for, but something that has been an utter family collaboration. Never out of arms reach, my little girl’s presence means I’m never far from who I’m designing for.

(I’m not naive enough to believe that our children hold carte blanche when it comes to what they wear, but as I fall into the other relevant deciding demographic – pragmatic purchasing parent – I think we’ve got the bases covered!)

Now that we’ve come this far – our beautiful new website has been the focus of late – we’re looking ahead to the rest of the year…

… and oh – what a wonderful world is waiting!

Our dreamy to-do list will see us setting up shop and heading off to markets, finding our luscious little label some scrumptious stockists and giving some valuable community causes a little Pure Cute contribution.

Making sure we have a chance to meet the little babes (and their mammas) who support us and flaunt their own absolute cuteness is close to our heart. Every season we’ll be putting together themed events, promotions, competitions and exclusive offers for our precious Pure Cute collective.

And so to our last (yet ever-ongoing) goal for the year: transforming dreams into designs. We can’t wait to hear what you love, and to create what you haven’t yet found out there!

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