say cheese!

(what a photo shoot with kids really looks like) What’s not to love about setting up your very own photo shoot with your children? Numero uno: it’s FREE. Let me repeat that, because it’s the reason we all keeping trying to nail this DIY project. FREE. Your mere decision to attempt capturing your babes on [...]

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Pure Cute Makes for Good

I started my selling journey on Etsy. So I loved that I got to be part of my first charity project alongside them. Over the last three months Australian Etsy sellers teamed up with Plan International to create #makeforgood - a fundraising initiative to support Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. From October until [...]

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baby in business

She’s been my muse, my inspiration, my assistant and my model. She gets me through the day and pushes me through hell. She’s two and a half, and her name is Olivia. I built my business because of her and for her. As I listed her in the “Shop Owners” section of our Etsy shop, [...]

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to market, to market…

I’ve taken my preggers legs from a march down to the city this afternoon. Call it an act of faith. For we are finally going to market. Actual markets. Those delightful almost-festivals that champion, celebrate and commercialise (i.e. make viable) everything local, bespoke and handmade. And I’m sitting here watching them set themselves up for [...]

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bringing pure cute to life…

Are we there yet? It felt like forever, yet given how long we’ve been pulling the pieces of Pure Cute together, the last few months have skipped away in a flash. Designing each piece, drafting and grading patterns, sampling and testing, shopping for textile suppliers (the least arduous task - unless my distractible daughter Olivia [...]

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