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making a dress for me

               PART I Well, it’s actually for my dear friend. But I’m drafting the pattern on the mannequin I’ve got to hand, yours truly.   I always meant to make pieces for mothers as well as their daughters. But ‘pure mummy’ languished on the sidebar of the website and [...]

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say cheese!

(what a photo shoot with kids really looks like) What’s not to love about setting up your very own photo shoot with your children? Numero uno: it’s FREE. Let me repeat that, because it’s the reason we all keeping trying to nail this DIY project. FREE. Your mere decision to attempt capturing your babes on [...]

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two for the road

Unleashing the inner fashion beast of a three year old is a brave move. They pick, kick and squabble. Give in and you may just end up with them in a ball gown with gumboots... and checkmate mamma. And when one becomes two, three...? Styling siblings: twins are obvious, but when there are years between [...]

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double joy… leia lauren by pure cute

The lusciousness has landed. Meet Leia and Lauren. These sweet little twins have captured hearts the world over. Their doting parents Peter and Amber have lovingly built a online fairyland detailing the adventures of their precious daughters. Our first curated collection of Leia Lauren by Pure Cute is finally finished, and available exclusively on their [...]

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sweet sustainability

They say talk is cheap, but these days it’s what we put on our back. Having a child to dress is a dream come true for the aspiring fashionista - they grow out of clothes so fast you have to buy them beautiful new things to wear. But is it “sustainable”..? It’s all the rage [...]

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winter is coming

Never mind that summer is here. You’re already matching sequined scarves to your galoshes. Climate doesn’t come into it any more. If it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, you can bet there’s someone sweating it out in a strappy sundress while you’re posting your ootd to Instagram with shivering fingers. In today’s fabulous world [...]

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Pure Cute Makes for Good

I started my selling journey on Etsy. So I loved that I got to be part of my first charity project alongside them. Over the last three months Australian Etsy sellers teamed up with Plan International to create #makeforgood - a fundraising initiative to support Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. From October until [...]

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