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baby in business

She’s been my muse, my inspiration, my assistant and my model. She gets me through the day and pushes me through hell. She’s two and a half, and her name is Olivia. I built my business because of her and for her. As I listed her in the “Shop Owners” section of our Etsy shop, [...]

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to market, to market…

I’ve taken my preggers legs from a march down to the city this afternoon. Call it an act of faith. For we are finally going to market. Actual markets. Those delightful almost-festivals that champion, celebrate and commercialise (i.e. make viable) everything local, bespoke and handmade. And I’m sitting here watching them set themselves up for [...]

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big dreams & small businesses…

I could use a nap. And not in the way that I’ll actually get to take one, but it’s a dream of mine. The mythical afternoon siesta. For today a small miracle has occurred: my internet was restored and my daughter simultaneously went to sleep. If she hears the pitter-patter of tiny keystrokes, this interlude [...]

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modern little muses

Why do we dress our children the way we do? Fashion performs a precarious dance all over the shop, and all the while children’s style stomps  out its own beat. It exists in a world of its own. Practicality and comfort are paramount. The garments our babes wear aren’t outfits, they’re costumes. And it’s a [...]

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