say cheese!

(what a photo shoot with kids really looks like) What’s not to love about setting up your very own photo shoot with your children? Numero uno: it’s FREE. Let me repeat that, because it’s the reason we all keeping trying to nail this DIY project. FREE. Your mere decision to attempt capturing your babes on [...]

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two for the road

Unleashing the inner fashion beast of a three year old is a brave move. They pick, kick and squabble. Give in and you may just end up with them in a ball gown with gumboots... and checkmate mamma. And when one becomes two, three...? Styling siblings: twins are obvious, but when there are years between [...]

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one hour & seventeen minutes

I am so thankful I wrote what I did the night before my daughter was born. Because I already feel different. I put her to my chest and looked at her - this tiny new human, and one little cog in the world slipped a dial. I really like her. I didn’t expect that. I [...]

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what’s luck got to do with it..?

Not a lot. It’s midnight here, and I’m waiting just for you to come. I’m willing you into existence with all that’s left in my heart. The only thing I was afraid of has arrived. Even though you never made it to term, they’ll induce me tomorrow. Morning will come without you, and they’ll ask [...]

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tiny expectations

It’s less than a week to go. I should have a fresh new babe in a few days, they say. I’ll swap sleeping for being able to put on my own shoes. Nice ones. Livie will have a BFF, a ‘bae’, a soulmate. And everything will change forever. I expect what I remember. What else do we [...]

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to market, to market…

I’ve taken my preggers legs from a march down to the city this afternoon. Call it an act of faith. For we are finally going to market. Actual markets. Those delightful almost-festivals that champion, celebrate and commercialise (i.e. make viable) everything local, bespoke and handmade. And I’m sitting here watching them set themselves up for [...]

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the golden lining

I want to share my story: why I create the things I do, and what making beautiful things for my daughter and other little girls means to me. A beautiful mother I met when I was pregnant once told me something I have held to my heart like a sweet secret ever since. Through the [...]

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