The lusciousness has landed.

Meet Leia and Lauren.

momo twins leia lauren by pure cute

These sweet little twins have captured hearts the world over. Their doting parents Peter and Amber have lovingly built a online fairyland detailing the adventures of their precious daughters.

Our first curated collection of Leia Lauren by Pure Cute is finally finished, and available exclusively on their brand new website

momo twins leia lauren by pure cute

For months we’ve been keeping this collaboration under wraps. I’m usually terrible at keeping secrets. I unwrap Christmas presents weeks before the big day (not just my own) – so holding this close to my heart with my mouth shut is nothing short of a miracle.

momo twins leia lauren by pure cute

How to tell the story of how this all happened…

Well… I was on the search for some tiny babes to model my threads, saw these beautiful dumplings and sent their parents a message. Predictive text intervened and “Pure Cute” somehow got typed as “Pure Clown”.

I could have died when I read that message back to myself. I “unsent” it. Thank you for the unsend option, Instagram.

But Peter and Amber had already read it, and by sheer FLUKE overlooked the “clown” I’d made of myself. They came back to me, and a collaboration was born!

momo twins leia lauren by pure cute

Across countries, cultures and colour swatches, we’ve worked together to create something really beautiful. I’ve nearly driven myself crazy with my own little girls to get this done, but I’m so happy and grateful for such an opportunity!

Their website is more than just yummy little outfits, it’s their travels, daily flair and parents love that make it something really special.



momo twins leia lauren by pure cute