Well, it’s actually for my dear friend. But I’m drafting the pattern on the mannequin I’ve got to hand, yours truly.


I always meant to make pieces for mothers as well as their daughters. But ‘pure mummy’ languished on the sidebar of the website and in the ‘too hard basket’ of my head.

My heart though…

Every market I’ve done, so many mummies I’ve met – they all echo the phrase that both inspires and irritates me beyond belief: “does it come in my size..?”.

It will.


purecute mamma mummy and me little black dress


I’ve spent the last few days trying to grade the size of a halter dress cup panel from an eight year old’s to a breastfeeding mother’s.

I had no idea where to start!

I’ve always run up samples in the smallest size. All designers do, it saves fabric.

In my house, the toddler gets the first sample, my 4 year old the amended design, and everyone else’s daughters get the real deal.

How do I design something for women – for mothers? Have you noticed how your wardrobe transformed when your kids arrived?

For me, skirts and dresses suddenly grew a foot longer, tops were always button-down, and “keyhole” anything joined midriff tops in Never Never Land. As in never to flash the washboard my abs longer are.



This little black dress needs to be more than just ‘bigger’. Everything is a different shape on a grown woman. The hint of a side boob is a bit more embarrassing to me than to my one year old.

I’ve cut away at the décolletage of this frock until there’s just an odd little triangle shape left.

One strange little scrap…

I won’t admit defeat, but I have decided to take a breather. Sew a couple of tiny dresses to restore my confidence with their frills.

I will regroup to find the draping and darts to bring the skirt of this dress to life.

To be continued…

… in PART II: negotiating to the top. Lame joke. x