Girls Feather Crown – Pink

Girls Feather Crown – Pink


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Whispers of pink with delicate tones of nature…

*handcrafted individually with love
*premium turkey & quill feathers
*full round of glittered headband elastic
*adjustable fit
*playful, subtle palette to suits every outfit!

This feather crown is designed for girls 6 months to 6 years. It will fit other ages, but if you need a custom sizing, please just email us or add a note when placing your order.

In stock


All items are lovingly produced by hand and finished in our own studio. All pieces will enjoy the longest life if they are worn with love and care.

Each piece is unique, and there will be always be delicious differences in the placement of hand placed details and individual feathers.

Please take care with straps and ties attached to infants accessories. Items with these features are not designed to be slept in, and your child should be supervised at all times.


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