Clay Necklace in Aqua Ombré

Clay Necklace in Aqua Ombré

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Ombré heaven on a string!

Match them with your favourite ombré flamenco dress…

  • custom handcrafted polymer clay beads
  • unfinished matt clay surface
  • strung on natural leather
  • adjustable sliding knots for individual fitting of necklace length

The beads of this ombré necklace measure approx. 1cm in diameter – perfectly sized for our precious little people!

In stock


Our jewellery is created entirely in-house: from conception and design to testing and production, we take enormous pride in producing pieces that are unique and of the highest quality.

As each bead is crafted carefully by hand, there are subtle differences between each element and each piece of jewellery. Your item is truly one of a kind.

Our children’s jewellery is designed for ages 3+, and should never be slept in. As all necklaces can pose a safety risk to young children, please supervise your precious one as they enjoy their accessories!


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