Silk Hair Scarf in Waterlily

Silk Hair Scarf in Waterlily

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This beautiful head wrap is hand crafted from pure silk taffeta. It features a gorgeous lilac/grey/green stone palette that matches almost any outfit…

  • adjustable fitting
  • versatile placement for top or bottom single bows
  • hidden seams with hand stitched finishing
  • 30″(75cm) length
  • delicate yet durable tight fabric weave
  • 100% silk taffeta

In stock


All items are lovingly produced by hand and finished in our own studio, and we highly recommend treating your garment with care.

All pieces will enjoy the longest life if they are hand washed in cold water using gentle soaps.

Gently pulling out heavy creases in delicate fabrics immediately after washing will help maintain the shape and line of your garment.

Cotton, silk and other natural fibres look best when pressed with a warm iron.

Each garment is unique, and there will be subtle differences in the placement of printed motifs.

Please take care with straps and ties attached to infants clothing. Items with these features are not designed to be slept in, and your child should be supervised at all times.


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