I started my selling journey on Etsy. So I loved that I got to be part of my first charity project alongside them.

Over the last three months Australian Etsy sellers teamed up with Plan International to create #makeforgood – a fundraising initiative to support Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign.

From October until Christmas Australian creatives, makers and shakers took the theme “Silver Linings” to design and market unique, handcrafted and bespoke pieces – with at least 20% of the sale price of every piece sold donated directly to the fund.

It’s been most amazing journey – I got to be part of building something meaningful and actually life changing to the women it helps. I got to be part of a community, meet new, interesting people, build bonds, ask questions, negotiate tax percentages… and take my own tiny babes along for the ride!

This campaign was pretty special to me.

I am blessed to be the mother of two beautiful daughters. They are beautiful, yet I know that beauty can be fragile, and it can also be exploited. Too many times I feel my heart ache feeling I should protect them from everything unfair or injust in the world. I know all to well that even in today’s world, they may struggle to be seen and treated as equals.

I will always fight for every chance and opportunity they deserve, but for those girls – daughters and mothers – who are not in a position to change their lives by themselves, campaigns like #makeforgood can make a tiny but crucial difference.

“It’s not as easy for all women around the world to start their own business. In many developing countries, women are unlikely to secure a bank loan. Girls are unlikely to be given the same access to education as their male counterparts, and they’re often subject to gender based violence, child marriage, and are more likely to suffer from poor health and nutrition.

Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign is aiming to break down these barriers and change the world for girls. They believe that if they can help break down the barriers that prevent millions of girls around the world from gaining the education and skills they need to move from poverty to opportunity, that girls really will be able to transform the world for the better.” 

– Jenni Smith