They say talk is cheap, but these days it’s what we put on our back.

Having a child to dress is a dream come true for the aspiring fashionista – they grow out of clothes so fast you have to buy them beautiful new things to wear.

But is it “sustainable”..?

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It’s all the rage to buy clothing that will transcend seasons, stay classic and last a lifetime, but when we’re talking about little dresses that will only fit for mere months, where do we drawn the line?

And if we go for the longer lasting garments, does this equal deeper (albeit classically tailored) pockets?

I thought having two girls was the perfect opportunity to recycle clothes.

But when I looked at my poor second babe in her stretched, faded threads I felt like the cheapest, shabbiest damn mother in the whole world.

How was I celebrating her life on a daily basis?

How was I honouring her individuality?

Was she worth less to me than my first baby, who had each new uncreased outfit we bought her documented in the hundreds of photos I hadn’t taken of Goldie?

The heady seduction of cute cheap clothes have a different cost.

We won’t foot the bill, we just have to cart the garbage bags of outgrown rags to the local Vinnies. Each time, I feel like I’m dropping off a little plastic graveyard of fun, hope and dubiously-stained memories.

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For me there’s another side to consider. I make handmade clothing for a living. It’s my thing.

But this year the wholesale orders started.. and while half of me is over the moon that I can’t keep up with demand, the other half cries and can’t sleep.

I need help, but if I go looking for it, will my clothing still be as valued by their wearers (and their mothers)? Will I lose everything I’ve built? Will my clothes still be considered “ethical” and “sustainable”?

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I know the right answers to what we dress our babes in will never be black and white, but how do we walk the line?

How do we dress our kids fabulously without ruining the world they inherit?

I have to make some calls. I hate making calls.

But at least if someone picks up, there might be some answers..!