Never mind that summer is here.

You’re already matching sequined scarves to your galoshes.

Climate doesn’t come into it any more. If it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, you can bet there’s someone sweating it out in a strappy sundress while you’re posting your ootd to Instagram with shivering fingers.

In today’s fabulous world of decadent late night online shopping, we never feel the buyers remorse of strolling onto the pavement with too many bags too carry. We aren’t carrying anything except the dreams of what we’ll be wrapped up in next season. Or.. tomorrow.

Our Great Grandmothers would give us that sweet lost look – “what are you wearing, dear..?” if they saw us. And while we love them, in a world where it no longer take 80 days to get about, we just can’t explain it to them.

So much has been lost in today’s world. But IMAGINATION is alive and kicking fiercely. Even though our lives are longer, they seem more fleeting – and we cling more dearly to trying on every hat we can in life. Adults change careers; little ones dive into new threads.

Children’s fashion is probably the one opportunity we have of living that fairy princess dream of wearing 7 different outfits in one day. Granted, it’s most likely because said little princess dropped tomato sauce, smeared chocolate, ingrained dirt and tore the holy crap out of each outfit before this. But still.

…as always, TBC when Livie & Goldie sleep tonight x