It sounds obvious, but wearing a face mask or is a simple and effective way to protect our loved ones and our community.

Here is a sweet little tutorial to make masks at home with your children. You can use almost any cotton fabric you have to hand.


  1. Three pieces of lightweight, close-woven cotton fabric

Adults – 8” x 6”

Children – 7” x 5”

2. Two strips of cotton fabric 1.5” wide

Adults – 30” long

Children – 25” long

3. An iron and sewing machine

DIY Task Masks


  1. Lay your three pieces of fabric on top of each other in the following order: right side of front layer of mask facing up, right side of back layer of mask facing down, middle layer of mask.
  2. Sew along the two long edges of these stacked layers. Turn inside out so the right sides of the front and back of your mask is in place, and topstitch over these long edges.
  3. Iron your long strips of fabric. First fold in the two long edges to meet in the middle and press, then fold this over again so you have one open end and press. Tuck in each of the ends to hide the raw edges and press.

4. Fold three pleats in the main mask and pin and/or press the fabric.

5. Place one side of the mask panel in the middle of one of the pressed fabric strips, and pin.

6. Topstitch from one end of the strip to the other, keeping the edge of the mask and its pleats in place. Repeat on remaining side.


Making your own fabric mask is easy and can be a great activity to share with kids.

Something as simple as choosing their favourite fabric can help them feel that they have a tiny measure of control in a world where their normal routines and schedules are changing.

It’s also an opportunity to discuss what’s happening in the world in a way appropriate for them. And by focusing on small actions they can take (like wearing a mask), we can also reassure our children of their safety.

Some children (and adults!) find face masks annoying to wear – making DIY masks together is a fun experience that gives you and your family something you can feel positive about wearing.

It should definitely be noted that a while a cloth covering still provides an added layer of protection, they don’t offer the full protection of a surgical face mask, and should be used at your own discretion.